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Answered on October 18, 2013
Created October 18, 2013 at 5:40 AM

Is everyone eating lunch meats? Even if not organic, etc.. Just curious what the thoughts are around non-organic types of meats - for example lunch meat that you might not know where it came from.




on October 18, 2013
at 09:40 AM

of late, a lot of those packaged type meats where i live all seem to list weird ingredients that have no need to be there, eg. soy protein. i mean i can understand preservatives & salts etc, but soy protein.

even the supermarket chicken or duck liver pate i use to buy occasionally, now include soy protein (they never use to ~12 mths back)

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4 Answers


on October 18, 2013
at 05:19 PM

So I guess if you/I can afford purchase meat from a local high quality butcher then I should feel fine with eating lunch style meats. Otherwise, I agree, just avoid it and it go with something more high quality and slice it up for snacking. Thanks!



on October 18, 2013
at 04:03 PM

I bought Applegate Farms roast beef, chicken and turkey at first, but all natural/organic deli meats are EXPENSIVE. I'd rather just have leftover chicken or skip the deli meat altogether. I was eating them rolled up, since you can't do sandwiches anymore anyway

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on October 18, 2013
at 02:10 PM

I can't eat them as they taste oily and artificial to me. Even the natural organic ones with minimal ingredients put me off. I save leftover chicken, pork, duck, etc. and slice it up.



on October 18, 2013
at 07:42 AM

I got a few packs of lunch meat when I very first went on the Paleo diet, as I had been used to buying them and putting them in sandwiches. It was good snacking material, but, you do usually see a list of ingredients with the package (and the more I got into Paleo, the sketchier it seemed.) I've since only been buying grass-fed meats, and conventional cuts when I eat out with family. Although, I do still buy bacon from a package more often than not.. wish I could find a good grass-fed uncured British bacon dealer.

I would suggest replacing it with higher quality meats if you are able to.

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