Lunch meat options, I can't find any in the grocery store! And olive oil suggestions?

Answered on April 25, 2017
Created December 28, 2014 at 11:47 PM

What company sells no antibiotics, no hormones, no nitrates, grass-fed lunch meats? I looked at AppleGate but it says that they are fed grain diets mostly! Ugh. Anyone have an idae of where to get lunch meat that is 100% paleo?


Also, olive oil suggestions?

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on April 25, 2017
at 03:14 AM

I guess you could just cure your own lunch meats with meat that you have, if that is an option.


on December 30, 2014
at 03:56 PM

Not sure what you mean exactly by "lunch meat" but if you mean like bologna and salami, those are not your best protein choices to begin with and you should probably try to minimize them.  What do you do with lunch meat without bread anyway?

The things to avoid with processed meats are the nitrates and other preservatives, very high sodium, and the fact that the meat is completely "dead" (i.e. highly processed).  You can find some better lunch meat options at Whole Foods, basically the usual stuff but without the nitrates, but it'll be expensive.

Liverwurst is actually a pretty good way to get organ meats and most of the liverwurst I've seen doesn't have many ingredients, it's basically a puree of liver with seasoning.

All of that said, if you define lunch meat as "meat I can eat at lunch" then you could just have leftovers from the previous night's dinner, slice up some beef or chicken or whatever you had.



on December 29, 2014
at 04:49 PM

The high end and the low end cured pork industry loves corn and soybeans. High O6 fat is more stable, and makes for a more palatable product. They are all corn fed. So all you can get in cured pork is more careful curing for more money. Eat sardines.


on December 29, 2014
at 02:33 PM

Lunch meat? As in ham?

Wait, you want grass-fed ham??? LOL.

Ok, look, there's no such thing as a grass-fed pig...I can't believe I have to say this but pigs don't eat grass. They have to be fed starchy foods to be fattened up (usually corn) and a protein source (with some essential fatty acids) to grow properly and meet all the nutritional requirements (ususally soymeal). 

Hormel salami is pretty damn good, I'm eating some right now. You can get it at Walmart for cheap, check it out here.

And for the record, it is illegal in the United States to administer hormones to pigs and poultry, so that isn't even a concern with pork products like ham.



on December 29, 2014
at 03:33 PM

There are pastured pork products out there. 

see: http://www.texasgrassfedbeef.com/meat-store/products/category_2/hams-and-roasts/category/wild-caught-pork for example.


While it may be illegal to administer hormones to pigs, it's not illegal to feed them trash or other bad things, or worse ractopamine, which can harm both human and pig health.


Hormel would be the exact nadir in terms of quality salami, ham, or other pork products.


on December 29, 2014
at 03:43 PM

Pastured pork is basically pork that is fed corn and soymeal while on a field of grass lol, there is absolutely no difference nutritionally (except for a few more feel-good buzzwords people love to hear). Have you even looked at the product I linked? It's pretty damn good, both in flavor and in overall quality. And by the way, no decent farmer feeds trash to pigs, that's mostly fear mongering by the competition selling an overpriced product by smearing traditional farmers, ironically with the same kind of smear tactics that PETA uses to condemn all animal products lol.

But as long as the hipsters are willing to pay triple the price for the same thing, there will be a market for it. Pastured pork is to pork what Starbucks is to coffee.



on December 29, 2014
at 10:09 AM

Your best bet would be to try your local Farmer's Market, after that, Trader's Joe or Wholefoods, with the latter being very expensive. 


A better choice if you can't find a local farmer, would be to order online via http://uswellnessmeats.com/ http://northstarbison.com  http://www.texasgrassfedbeef.com/ or http://www.grassfedtraditions.com/

This would work if you have a deep freezer so you can save on shipping and order stuff like 1/4 cow or 1/8th of a cow.  These places do carry deli/lunch-meats as well, but you won't like the price.  Still, stuff like liverwurst is worth buying through them.  Or you could make a roast, slice it very thin, freeze it in batches and use that.

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