Is Hay and Grass silage fed,winter meat good?

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created January 02, 2011 at 2:28 AM

I found Meat, Beef which is Hay and grasssilage fed in Winter. Do you think its good? Or are there more thing to look at?

Is grass silage good or bad?

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2 Answers


on January 02, 2011
at 10:48 PM

If your goal is to eat grassfed and finished beef, then an animal that has been on silage is the only option for winter slaughtered beef. At this time of year (1st of January), if the animal is from an area that has had a mild winter, then the meat should be fine. The flavor of beef is predominately controlled by what the animal was eating for the few months prior to slaughter. Hay and silage are perfectly good feed sources and make for good tasting beef. If it has been a long winter, the flavor will still be fine but the CLA and Omega-6 levels could be reduced as stored feeds will loss their efficacy over time. All and all, you should be fine with this beef from a flavor stand point, it just might not be quiet as healthy as it could be if it was finished on fresh green growing grass.



on January 02, 2011
at 03:00 AM

Here is an interesting article regarding your question. Irish research finds grass silage beef healthier and visually more attractive than corn silage beef. Link

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