How much meat did Paleo Man (probably) eat daily?

Commented on December 23, 2011
Created December 22, 2011 at 3:23 PM

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Should we take breaks from meat? Did cavemen eat it every day?

I am pretty new to this way of eating. I'm eating meat about twice a day; a little at lunch, and more at dinner. I get the feeling that if I were eating this way in paleo times, I would need to be an amazing hunter. Does anyone have any knowledge about how much meat they really ate on average every day? It would seem that there would be lots of intermittent fasting going on, and meat only every couple of days. I know we can't know all the details, but does anyone have any insight on this?



on December 23, 2011
at 04:14 AM

Melissa-- sorry for the repeat question. I couldn't find anything just like it until after I posted it and it was closed.



on December 23, 2011
at 04:13 AM

Thanks Bill. I know he did, just was wondering how much that really would have been, and I'm sure it depended on location, season, etc. I agree w/ Melissa, no way to know for sure. I think there is something to intermittent fasting. I'm sure they did that often, plus ate lots of 'yucky' things just to fill their bellies.



on December 22, 2011
at 05:27 PM

as much as he could, its a proven fact

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on December 22, 2011
at 03:58 PM

Most of those who venture to hazard guesses to your questions are either fools, liars, or knaves. Some are actually all three. Then, there's me, aka moi. I know the truth. And I am keeping the truth to myself. Oh, sure, I could disclose the fact that there is no reasonable, factually informed, non total blue sky way to know how much meat "they" really ate. For one thing, inhabitants of "paleo times" occupied vast diversity of geography and eating patterns/practice. "Intermittent fasting" sure difn't exist as a means to "look good naked." when our ancestors didn't eat, it was b-cuz: no food.


on December 22, 2011
at 03:53 PM

There is no way to know this.

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