Ground lamb meat spoiled?

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created January 27, 2012 at 5:06 AM

Is raw ground lamb meat "stickier" than ground beef? I just bought quite a bit and have never bought it before so I'm really not sure if it's spoiled or not. It smells ok, just very sticky.



on January 27, 2012
at 08:02 PM

Thanks, I'm pretty sure it was just a bit fattier than the beef I get... had a good sized patty last night and it tasted great.



on January 27, 2012
at 12:11 PM

Comparing to beef, it might smell "off" too. Depending on what your "lamb" is, it could very well taste of sheep or rather gamey.


on January 27, 2012
at 06:37 AM

That sounds normal. Unless it smells bad, it's OK to eat. The stickiness probably just depends on the fat content and the mixture that went into the grinder or the grinder itself.

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2 Answers


on January 27, 2012
at 05:38 AM

I eat it on a regular basis, I've never noticed it being stickier but it definetly smells if it goes bad.



on February 03, 2012
at 07:18 PM

This sounds completely normal.

Ground lamb tends to be fattier than ground beef (where you'd see 95/5 even!). Also, the melting point of lamb fat is higher than that of beef. I'm not sure if this scales linearly down to room-temp or human-hand-temp, where it may explain "sticky v. not-sticky."

When handling the lamb, say when making meatballs, my hands will get more readily coated with thick lamb fat. I do not find this is the case when using beef (even fatty ground beef). My guess is that this is what you are experiencing.

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