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Answered on April 27, 2015
Created June 18, 2012 at 8:54 AM

I'm 15 and have adopted the primal lifestyle! I get organic meat and organic free-range eggs, but I'm pretty sure they're fed 'organic cereals' and 'organic wheat'. Can I get pastured meat/eggs in supermarkets or do I need to nag my parents to buy from farmers? I usually get Tesco organic NZ lamb and British beef steaks. What should I do?



on April 20, 2014
at 03:49 PM

I wish I had adopted a paleo/wholefoods lifestyle in my youth. Well done to you!

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on April 20, 2014
at 01:25 PM

Have you ever tried Ocado? Waitrose own them they are only only but searching"organic" in there brings up the MOST amount of options than I have found elsewhere! :)


on June 18, 2012
at 07:28 PM

Nice job in being 15 and paleo :)

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on June 18, 2012
at 11:28 AM

Hi Oliver,

If you aren't made of money, try to keep it real! I live in England too and it's important to match a lifestyle change with your wallet. Most organic delivery services are unbelievably expensive in the long run. So:

  1. MOST beef is grass-fed in the UK
  2. Check out frozen meats (look for the highest quality)
  3. Make it work FOR YOU. If you can't afford every piece of your meat to be organic, grass-fed and spooned nightly by the farmers wife then that's how it's going to work for you.
  4. Fish are a good buy - there is no way to have organic fish. So, buy Wild, buy frozen.

Hope that helps.


on June 18, 2012
at 09:20 AM

You could try online:




I tend to shop at waitrose, they have some good products in my opinion, they also have high animal welfare standards especially for a supermarket.

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on April 20, 2014
at 01:25 PM

Have you ever tried Ocado? Waitrose own them they are only only but searching"organic" in there brings up the MOST amount of options than I have found elsewhere! :)


on April 27, 2015
at 02:25 PM

Hi, I feel it is worth going for 100% grass fed over just 'grass fed' which really doesn't mean much. Most Uk beef (I am a an ex beef farmer and conservationist) is finished on cereals - much of this includes imported soya (mostly GM) which often comes form South America (destruction of the rainforest. It is true that we don't have huge feed lots it is not true that 'most UK beef is grass fed' I know many small and local beef farms who rear and finish on slats and cereals which drives up the need for medical intervention, reduces the quality of the animals life and has been shown to negate the omega 3 benifits of the grass feeding up to that point. I eat less meat and select better. Good luck.


on April 20, 2014
at 03:47 PM

There is a site online called Abel and Cole and I find their deals to be quite good .. but as someone said above DO remember that most meat in the UK is grassfed most of it's life .. good quality eggs are a must and I definitely recommed eating the yolk only. I give the white to someone else and have the yolk, they then put some money towards the eggs.


on May 25, 2013
at 03:01 PM

Guys not sure why some of you are using NZ lamb. Welsh beef and lamb is known to be one of the best in the world! I bet some Americans would be gobsmacked you don't use Welsh but choose one on the otherside of the world (madness!) My fav is welsh salt marsh lamb, so good.


on November 02, 2012
at 12:32 AM

To be honest ive always found this website to be really useful - Buy Meat Online I always get great deals. I'm on the Atkins diet so saving money is probably my number 1 aim as this diet is so expensive when all you eat is protein.

Hope this is of any use to you :)



on June 19, 2012
at 07:36 AM

Where do you live? If in the country, quite a lot of people keep chickens which are allowed to roam, so they are eating bugs, flies, slugs etc as well as grain. They often haves a little sign by their drive / front gate saying free range eggs for sale. Or try the local Womens Institute market - google and find out where / when. They usually have eggs for sale.

Try to find a local farmer who sells from the farm gate - I can buy wonderful meat and sausages etc both in Sussex where I live and Northumberland, where my parents live.

And if by the seaside - you can usually get excellent fresh fish at very good prices. I LOVE going down to Worthing when the fishing boats have come in and are selling from the boat - you can't really get fresher and the price is way less than a supermarket.

Good luck!


on June 18, 2012
at 11:37 PM

for lamb, I take tesco's minced frozen stuff but I do not know what it's worth. FOr fish, you can try http://www.thefishsociety.co.uk/ but it is a bit pricey


on June 18, 2012
at 10:39 AM

Howdy Oliver!

Congrats on starting so young buddy, you're well ahead of the pack.

I'm currently living in London and in my limited time sourcing some paleo friendly grub, here's what I've found:

Waitrose - they do grass fed minced meat (Duchy range), and the matured sirloins (and possibly other cuts) are grass-fed. Check the color of the fat if in doubt, if it has a yellow hue, it's likely grass-fed. I can't tell you whether or not they're grain or grass finished unfortunately, and in my experience the butchers are pretty much clueless in the matter.

The Ginger Pig - arguably the best butchers in London. You'll have no problem finding grass-fed beef or lamb in their establishment. They have locations across London, they have their own farms and the staff are knowledgeable.

Allen's Butchers, Mayfair - don't let the location throw you off. The meat is surprisingly reasonably priced. Their pork is the best I've tasted out of Brazil. It's as close to the natural hog as you're gonna get.

Borough Market - great vegetables, great meat, great raw dairy (if you're doing that). It can get pricey out there, for sure, but it's very natural produce.

Abel & Cole* - These guys are an online service, they send you seasonal vegetables & fruits, so even if you want blueberries (as I painfully discovered), if they're out of season, they don't do them! Their chicken wings were the best we've had here. They're vegetables are gorgeously natural, their fish & meat are very good (they even provide offal). It's all sold at a premium, but you can pick your way to a very affordable, paleo-friendly meal, weekly. They deliver right to your door in insulated boxes and do weekly services if you choose. They're very convenient.

To anybody reading this, if you do decide to order from these guys, please help a fellow-paleo brother out and plug my account number: 493022 in as a referral, you'll get free-stuff, I'll get free-stuff - everybody's a winner ;)

Hope that helps buddy. Enjoy the good health!


on June 18, 2012
at 09:41 AM

Well, I live here in London and was actually wondering the same thing. I usually get my food from Sainsbury's and from the Farmers Market. I have the feeling Sainsbury's has slightly higher quality stuff than Tesco, but that is really just a pure gut feeling (I did do some studies in Business area, so I think quite a lot about companies/brand/ethics etc.). And yeah, like yimyamyo said, I also heard waitrose has some really good food for a supermarket, but I don't shop there myself.

Anyway, if I don't get the meat from the Farmers Market I usually get the organic beef or NZ Lamb, and if for some reason I don't get the eggs from the Market, I usually get the woodlands organic eggs. But to come to the point, I was was actually going to send them an email today, to ask if the (Organic) Beef/Lamb is grass fed/from local farms. Can keep you posted. And furthermore, I think you should get at least the eggs from the Farmers Market, if possible (there are a lot of them here in London) See http://wholehealthsource.blogspot.co.uk/2009/05/pastured-eggs.html for more info. But then again, I also think Organic Free Range means a bit more here than in the UK... though you can get the eggs actually a bit cheaper at the Farmers Market.

And to add some more online sources... this is the farm I get most of my eggs/meat from:


They are really nice, you can order stuff, and the bring it to the market, so you don't have any delivery costs.

And other farms/websites... haven't ordered from any of them (yet), though I will try the first website soon, because you have a LOT of meat variety:







on June 18, 2012
at 12:17 PM

Check out the websites for Tesco and any other supermarkets close to you. Our local is a Waitrose and their website is really informative about how all their meat is sourced and raised.

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