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Asked on November 11, 2012
Created November 11, 2012 at 8:05 PM

I started paleo about 8 days ago? Something like that. It was harder than I had initially thought. The cravings, the mood swings, feelings of crushing hopelessness (I'm making it sound like I have severe depression, but that's honestly how I felt!)...and my parents on my back all the time (they think that I'm killing myself and at first i wasn't allowed loads of eggs because of "cholesterol issues")

But now...I feel fine. Better than fine, actually. I actually feel contempt. Today, I still felt tired because I have cold and I think I may be growing again, as well as getting over the low carb flu, but mentally I was so much better. I wasn't sad, I wasn't annoyed (until my parents had a go at me...but I've explained to them that I plan on eating this way forever, possibly modifying it so I can race again, and they've shut up) and I just felt so much more optimistic. My friends had sweets and I didn't want any. Minimal cravings today. I've had 2 slices of bacon, 3 eggs scrambled in butter, 2 burgers without the bun and a sausage, a piece of steak with broccoli, sugar snap peas and asparagus, and now i'm eating blueberries. The food was delicious and the blueberries are giving me the sweetness I like without making me feel like I'm going to kill someone.

And my mam has said she thinks I've lost about 2 pounds around the middle. It took me 7 weeks on a low-fat, calorie controlled diet to lose 2 pounds! I've lost some with minimal effort. Hopefully I'll get to healthy homoeostasis without needing to do carb cycling or intermittent fasting.

I do miss junk food. But bacon. And butter. And I tell myself I can have some at literally any time I like - there's cheesecake downstairs. I have free will. But, since I have minimal cravings today, they may disappear. Which is what I'm hoping for.

So yeah...I don't feel sad, I'm in quite a good mood, I'm satisfied, and i'm losing weight...I just feel good!

Sorry for blabbering. To anyone who's actually read all this, I'm sorry I just wasted a minute of your life

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