Cooking grassfed ground beef- meat scum

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created July 21, 2011 at 7:40 PM

Does anyone else get a fair amount of meat "scum" when they cook up grassfed ground beef?

Is the scum blood that is still on the meat?

It doesnt bother me but i definitely dont enjoy eating it and it would be interesting to hear peoples thoughts on the topic




on July 22, 2011
at 03:14 AM

Is "scum" the jello-y, gray stuff I see when cooking meatballs?

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3 Answers


on July 21, 2011
at 08:26 PM

It's just albumin, a protein, plus a little blood and fat and usually whatever else may be on the outside of your meat. It just looks gross and won't hurt you :) Just skim it off if you don't like it. This usually occurs more when you're making a stew or a soup - or if the meat has been frozen and then popped into a pan. If the meat is fresh and you're using a hot pan you shouldn't get the reaction as the hot pan will seal everything in. I know some people rinse and wipe their meat, oh that sounds bad - sorry, to get whatever is on the surface off but they'll still leave the resulting "scum" as they feel there may still be nutrients in there.



on July 21, 2011
at 07:59 PM

That scum is delicious! Seriously, try separating it off like you probably already do... and then eat it all! If you can get past the appearance, you might start thinking that it's the best part of the meat.

And yeah, I think it's blood.


on July 21, 2011
at 08:19 PM

I'm indifferent about the scum. I mix it in with the beef and don't know it's there.

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