Quick meal ideas on the go?

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created October 15, 2012 at 4:07 PM

Last night I didn't make it home and I had to leave from where I was at and go straight to work. Since starting Paleo a few weeks ago I have cooked meals at home but I was in a bind this morning. I need breakfast and lunch help! I was able to stop at the store and bought some nitrate free chicken sausages and hard boiled eggs for breakfast. Luckily there is a good salad bar near by for lunch but it made me think what do you use as those omg I need a meal quick fixes when you don't have food with you?



on October 15, 2012
at 04:52 PM

I get cooking ahead this is more for when you don't have access to that stuff. I stayed at a friends house who doesnt cook. I couldn't make it home. Sometimes with my lifestyle things like this may happen and I wondered what people do in those situations?

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on October 15, 2012
at 04:40 PM

I cook ahead and store in individual servings.

I made a spinach, sausage, egg and sun-dried tomato crustless quiche on Sunday and did this. That will last me several days. I did the same thing for my kids but I did them in muffin tins.

I also freeze a lot of stuff in individual servings so I can just pick them up and take them to work and reheat for lunch.

I usually cook a bunch about once a week for my family of 6 with a small freezer. But I know people who cook once a month!



on October 15, 2012
at 06:04 PM

I keep canned salmon and tuna in my desk drawer at work.

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