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Asked on March 27, 2012
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Being a very busy person, one of the things I struggle with is finding the time to prepare food. To help me meet my dietary goals without spending entire weekends in the kitchen, I???m doing a modified detox program through Delicious Planet (www.delicious-planet.com) The program was started by a Bastyr-trained nutritionist. They do all organic, but the principles of their regular detox program are different from Paleo. (They eliminate dairy, eggs, red meat, seafood, pork, wheat, gluten, etc., but allow legumes, quinoa, brown rice, etc.) For an additional charge, they???ve modified the program for me to meet Paleo requirements. Their food is so much better than any other meal delivery service I???ve tried. Everything is really fresh and flavorful. The detox program is expensive though, and I don???t necessarily always need breakfast, lunch, dinner and two snacks taken care of. (I paid $1,050 for three weeks). I think it would be nice, to be able to order a la carte (for example, several dinners, a few breakfast scrambles, a few muffins, soups and salads for the week, and then fill in the rest with my own fruit, veggies, some cooking, meals out, etc.) I think there is potential for Delicious Planet to offer a Paleo menu more regularly, (both a full ???detox??? and a la carte items) and I want to see if I can give them an idea of the kind of interest (e.g. business) they would have if they did. What do you think? Would you or your friends be interested in something like that? What would be important to you, in terms of the choices of food, price, etc? Thanks for your consideration!

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