Amazing Meal by Amazing Grass

Commented on November 18, 2014
Created January 16, 2013 at 6:41 PM

There is this product by Amazing Grass called Amazing Meal (Chocolate Infusion) I typically used this as a protien drink before/after WODs. However, I am trying to be Paelo and I was curious if this product is Paleo friendly?

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2 Answers



on January 16, 2013
at 06:54 PM

No. Read the label. See the grains, legumes, dairy, and byproducts there of? See the artificial sweeteners and chemicals whose names you can't pronounce? When you open it, does it look like anything your paleolithic ancestor might possibly find in the wilderness to eat?

Not paleo. If you want to go this route, try to find something with a single ingredient. That single ingredient might not be paleo per se, but you'll be able to tell if you get a boatload of pimples that it came from that one ingredient. Many people can handle whey protein no problem. You'd be better off just buying more bacon and eggs for your post workout meal, but if you just need some sort of workout 'product', you'd be better off without all those extra ingredients.

This entire response assumes you are not just a spammer, which I find dubious, but I try to be hopeful sometimes.



on November 18, 2014
at 12:29 AM

Actually your response comes across as spam, since you obviously didn't really look att he label. Amazing Grass chocolate confusion contains no legumes, dairy (it's certified vegan and kosher pareve), or "byproducts there of."  It does contain organic cane juice, which isn't great but hardly an artificfial sweetner, and the only chemicals (well, stricly speaking, everything in it is a chemical of some sort) that "you can't pronounce" are names of probiotics. If you're not able to pronounce acidophilus, fine, but your limitations don't make it harmful. The only thing you got right here is that it does contain rice protein, so it does contain a grain.

I'm not advocating its use, just pointing out inaccuracies in an obnoxious, unhelpful response.



on January 16, 2013
at 06:52 PM

The idea of extracting protein from milk and making it into a supplement drink is certainly not paleo. That said, you'll find many people here who use whey protein drinks. I personally think whole food alternatives are a better choice. I think our brains do a better job of understanding whole foods in terms of their impact on satiety and nutrient needs.

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