these meals okay most days?

Answered on November 27, 2014
Created November 23, 2014 at 11:32 PM

I have to cook in advance because of my work schedule and workouts. I do light strength trianing three times a week with short run and short walk/barre on other days.


these are my typical meals of late and do these calorically and macro wise look okay for a short female not looking to gain or lose.


B: green smoothie but lately it's been a kind bar with protein and half caff large coffee

I used to eat three eggs with greens but got burnt out on that, then switched to smoothie but got sick of that. Now eating the kind bars. Yes they are not true paleo but they are good macro ratio.

L: huge veggie salad with 6 ounces protein of some kind and a cup of olives (love olives!)

D: greens assortment in olive or coconut oil (LOTS OF GREENS), cabbage, mushrooms, butternut squash  plus 6-8 oz protein

if still nagging hunger I eat another kind bar before bed.

I eat vegetables because I love them (more than fruit). I wrote various veggies weekly and seasonally.

Certain days I'll have protein with both lunch and dinner, other days I'll just want it at one meal and eat a huge veggie salad instead.


I appreciate constructive feedback. thanks



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2 Answers


on November 24, 2014
at 01:57 PM

I think your meals look great. That doesn't look like a lot of calories though, which is probably why you're munching on bars a lot. I also love veggies and greens but all by themselves they don't have a lot of calories.  You could try cooking them with bacon, sausage or nuts to get more calories and fat in. Jacques Pepin has a great recipe for spinach with sausage and macadmia nuts for example (you can Google it).

Like you I also struggle a little with breakfast, for a long time (like a year) I had eggs (2 or 3 cooked various ways) every single day, but finally burned out on that.

My new favorite breakfast is a "Paleo granola" which is a combination of any of the following: diced fruit (i.e. apples), berries, pomegranite seeds, nuts (almond, macadamia), seeds (pepitas, sunflower), coconut flakes, nut butter (i.e. almond), and maybe some juice or almond milk if it is too dry. My wife thinks I'm weird but I like this even with just the nut butter. It is nice to have something crunchy and this allows for a lot of variety and can be varied seasonally.  This isn't super high protein but at this point (Paleo 2.5 years) I am ok with that, I get plenty of other protein and as long as I'm working out 3-4x per week it's fine.

Good luck!


on November 27, 2014
at 08:59 AM

I find that whenever I omit any type of carbs, I will not feel satiated. My go to are safe starches, such white rice and sweet potato (the asian/white flesh kind, not the orange western bred variety which contain tons of fructose). The Perfect Health diet mentions about safe starches, and also that most veggies are essentially empty calories as most are broken down and feed the gut bacteria, not you. Maybe that is why you are munching the energy bars?

With that, it does look like you simply arent eating enough per day. Add in an average sized sauteed sweet potato or some yam and see how you feel. Should be able to drop the bars.

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