For how long can I keep marrow soup in a refrigerator?

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created June 25, 2011 at 6:14 PM


I made some marrow soup, and it's a gelatin in the refrigerator temperature. Can I keep it there for like a month? It seems to be so stable and unspoilable...

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7 Answers


on June 25, 2011
at 07:02 PM

It'll spoil in a few days to a week. Freeze it in serving size portions and thaw as needed. It's a lot more vulnerable to spoilage than you think.

You can also reboil it every few days but I feel like that would ruin the taste after a while.


on June 25, 2011
at 08:32 PM

I can usually get mine to last more than a week, but that's either just pure luck or because I add celery to my broth when I'm cooking it. I've been told that celery is a good natural preservative. I suppose that makes sense... when everyone started worrying about nitrates in bacon and the like, I think many companies were using celery salt/celery juice instead. But I don't know for sure. I haven't done a control pot :)

But, either way, a month? No. I think my longest having it still be ok was right around 2 weeks.



on June 27, 2011
at 04:36 AM

I boil mine every 5 days, and have never had a problem with it. IMHO it doesn't affect the taste, though it does make it richer as you steam of a bit of the water content each time.

I also leave the layer of fat on top, which will naturally protect it from the air and help it to keep longer.

But I love it strong thick and rich!



on June 26, 2011
at 05:45 PM

Traditional French cookbooks suggest bringing it to a boil every 3-4 days



on June 26, 2011
at 02:10 PM

I remember reading that if you took it out about every 4 days and reboil and put back away it should be fine. (I think it was somewhere in the GAPS site)

Also some freeze in ice cube trays and then bag the ice for later, tiny cubes ready on the whim!!



on June 25, 2011
at 09:12 PM

Funny, I had just the same question in my head. I've had some keeping for two days now, gonna try to finish it today I think within a few days is ideal otherwise prob good to freeze it.



on June 25, 2011
at 09:03 PM

wouldn't you consume it in less than a month?

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