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Asked on October 15, 2012
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Reddit has an open forum with him here:


What are your questions for him?

Here's Michael Pollan on the paleo diet:

"Interesting, but harder to do than it might seem, since modern meat is a world away from paleo meat-- which was raised in factory farms, fed grain, and given pharmeceuticals. But the emphasis on reducing refined carbs is a positive. Still, it's a diet, and I don't think diets do much."

And on the increasing prevalence of gluten intolerance:

"There does seem to be a real increase in both gluten intolerance and celiac disease, for as yet unexplained reasons. I looked at this for my new book, and found several interesting theories: our gut microbiota has been damaged by our diet, and this may disorder the immune system, so that it attacks the wrong proteins (such as gluten). We're also exposed to a lot more gluten--it's in tons of processed foods. Also, we bake bread differently-- fast-rising instead of sourdough fermentations, which seems to break down the peptides that lead to reaction. Some people with intolerances can tolerate slow-fermented breads. And lastly, we've been breeding wheat to have more and more gluten. And lastly lastly, the power of suggestion-- gluten intolerance is "catching" thanks to the power of suggestion."

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