Please hack my constipation

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created January 09, 2012 at 8:46 AM

Hi all. Since I'm into Paleo (4 months) everything's great, except that I don't have regular BM. I use'd to go every morning about 30 mins after I wake up. Now I have a decent BM in every 2-3 days, and it always seems that it's not over (a feeling like I still have to go). I eat starchi tubers such as sweet potato and pumpkin about 3 times a week, usualy before and after an intense workout. I try to add coconut oil to foods. Lately I started to drink kombucha (from concentrated) but it doesn't seem to help much. and I think that I drink enough water.

I'm thinking about adding Magnesium? but don't know what kind and amount.

Any help would be highly appreciated!



on January 10, 2012
at 08:27 PM

Thanks Korion! I might just try that. How much vinegar per gelatin? Do I need to heat it to dissolve ?



on January 09, 2012
at 05:42 PM

There are 47 questions regarding constipation, I'm sure you can get some ideas from reading through the answers.



on January 09, 2012
at 02:37 PM

How do you take gelatin? Just mix it with water and drink it?



on January 09, 2012
at 09:29 AM

Before trying magnesium, try gelatin or make bone broths. Don't take unnecessary supplements. Eating gelatin in the morning made me regular. I tried TONS of things : magnesium, vitamin C, more fiber, less fiber, more fat, less protein, ... And all of those together. Only apple cider vinegar and gelatin helped (1 tbsp in the morning). Oh, and deep breathing worked quite well too.

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on January 09, 2012
at 08:59 AM

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