Hello, another Magnesium and Zinc question. Would like some help really confused over here

Answered on July 07, 2014
Created July 01, 2014 at 4:41 AM

I don't do the 9-5 job. I work night, so I wake up very late in the day. 3pm or 4pm, fast a couple of hours 1-2. Then I have my breakfast (big meal) I hit the gym for a workout and then I have my PWO meal(big meal) Then I don't eat until around 3-4 or even 5 in the morning sometimes till 6. I come home and have a buffet, I eat stake and as much rice as a human can eat in one sitting, I have quark and snacks and whatever I want for dessert and then I go to bed 5-15 minutes later and fall a sleep pretty quickly.

Now i've added Zinc and Magnesium to my suppliment stack. But I don't really know when to take them, the internet is so confusing, people often contradict each other and the fact that I don't live the normal lifestyle makes it more confusing. So far I heard:

Don't take Zinc and Magnesium with calcium.

Either take it 30 minutes before a meal or 2 hours after a meal.

What a bummer. When I come home, I haven't eaten in hours, so the first thing I want to do is get food down as quick as possible and because I haven't eaten in forever I want to pack down as much calories as possible, so i'm drinking a lot of milk and i'm also having Quark which is also a dairy product (calcium) lol. Idk how much calcium im getting but a lot, I guess and I'm not going to wait 2 hours or even 1 hour for that matter after I eaten my morning buffet.

So my question is when would it be the best time for ME (personaly) to take them. Upon waking with my first meal, I have A good multivitmin an extra D vitamin (because I never see the sun) and Omega3. I was thinking about taking Zinc with my morning meal but my multivitain already has 15mg which is the daily recommended dose and I want extra so im thinking about having it on a sepparate occasion but idk when tbh.

I bought these suppliments for health, a better quality of sleep and also Magnesium helps or was it Zinc, can't remember, to absorb vitamin D. Also i've heard that Zinc does, boost energy. So taking it before bed would be pointless, and Magnesium helps to relax. This is so confusing why would you take something that boosts energy and vitality and ontop of that take something that will help you relax *confused*

The Zinc I use is 30mg and the Magnesium is a citrate/L-lysinate 243g per capsule and I'm supposed to take two, which equals 486 mg (129% RDI) For tonight il skip the Zinc and just have my Magnesium it's around 30 min post meal (6 in the morning) and I really need to hit the sack, but for tommorow i'd like to be educated.

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on July 07, 2014
at 06:22 PM

If you're eating a good paleo diet including dairy, you are most likely getting enough calcium. Your Mg supplementation looks fine. Taking it during meals is best as that is when stomach acid is highest. For best absorption, spread out the dosages evenly throughout the day. Mg is a main co-factor for turning vitamin D into it's active form. If you're a meat/potatoes/veggies/nuts type eater your zinc intake is most likely sufficient. The additional 15mg in your multi gives you more than enough. Remember, zinc and copper are antagonists. Over the long term, you could be creating a copper deficiency with too much zinc supplementation. Taking probiotics and enzymes also can greatly help with digestion/absorption of nutrients.



on July 01, 2014
at 10:58 AM

Holy wall of text batman.

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