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Asked on February 22, 2013
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Hi all!

My mom is on paleo for about 5 months now and she is doing great, lots of veg. >600 gr. and a bit fish and grass-fed meat. Three to four meals a day. Cheats every day with a piece of rye bread and about 200 ml sad yoghurt per day. Sometimes with potato/rice. Lost a few pounds and now gaining (I hope muscle). No overweight and her cholesterol / CRP / triglycerides etc are of the chart (on the good side). But her BP is quite high: 77/153 - 78/136 - 85/155 - 80/128 - 83/148 - 82/146 - 86/125 - 87/147 - 82/157 - 86/144 - 86/114 - 90/144 - 86/135 - 89/150 - 92/138 - 86/148 - 93/142 - 88/137 - 86/126 - 94/153 - 85/150 - 94/160.

She takes a mg+calcium supplement at the moment 800 grams of each p /day. Opti-men multivitamin 1/3 of dose, vitamin D ~3000 IU and fish oil if she eats non-organic eggs, pork or chicken.

For what I know, calcium, magnesium, low-carb, potassium and paleo all have a tremendous BP lowering effects. I am a bit worried - if she did not do paleo and supplemented with calcium, it should be sky high. For what I know is that there is a reason for the body to pump up the blood pressure. I am worried. She is age 58 years old after menopause.

She started garlic supplements (600 mg /day) and q10 (100 mg / day) yesterday. Both are known for powerful BP lowering effects. But essentially doing the same as conventional medicine: treating symptoms.

She is waiting for an quite a big surgery on a short term and she is worried about it. But she helps people professionally with mental issues so I would not expect big stress response.

She walks with the dog for 2 hours a day. No heavy sporting, due to a condition that is the surgery necessary for.

Any thoughts?

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