How many grams carbs/fat to eat?

Asked on March 09, 2015
Created February 18, 2015 at 10:59 PM

Hello. I am new to the Paleo diet and I am trying to organize things so I may begin. My main question is what is a good amount of grams of carbs & fat to consume with this diet? I am sure this is a common question, and from what I have read this is not a real concern with the Paleo diet, however due to habit, I would like to determine what a general good room of thumb would be with this.

Currently I workout about 6 days a week, and will consume 240g protein in a day. My thought is to be at 120g carbs and 120g fat, however this is just a number I am guessing at.

Any help for the newby would be greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance to anyone whom takes the time to respond.



on February 18, 2015
at 11:38 PM

1-1.5g of protein per kilogram of lean body mass should be plenty of protein.  If you're a beast at 350lbs, then 240g per day seems about right.

Carbohydrates / fats will vary on an individual basis -- if you feel great on low carbohydrates and your genetics / lifestyle allow for a high fat diet without elevated lipids or hormonal issues, that's probably close to optimal for health, longevity, and endurance sport performance.

I would titrate the average carbohydrate intake up until you find a point of diminishing returns, for some that's under 100g, for others maybe over 200g.  110g seems fine -- on some days you might need more or less.  If you were eating under 50-75g of carbohydrates most days, you might find it beneficial to bump up to 100-150g every 3-7 days or so.

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on February 22, 2015
at 05:15 PM

That seems high-protein to me, but I lean towards less protein and more fat. Eating the right foods is more important than the ratios, though. Try to eat high-quality protein, such as grass fed meats and free range organic eggs.

If your'e working out a lot, you can choose to eat more carbs since your body is going to burn through them quickly. Since you're just starting out on Paleo, avoid the bread and most grains. Opt for sweet potatoes and other root veggies. There is some disagreement on whether rice is okay on Paleo, but I eat it. Since your'e just starting, you'll probably see a big difference just by cutting out wheat and corn products.

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