Is Your Body a Machine or a Metaphor?

Answered on September 12, 2014
Created September 07, 2013 at 12:44 AM

Do you think your body is literal? Is it a machine with a bunch of parts that needs to be maintained and repaired OR is it an expression of something else?

This is my LAST POST to Paleohacks. I won't be asking or answering any more questions. I won't be making any more comments. Thanks to everybody for having given me so much during my brief stay here. I would love to hear from you, so if you like, please check my profile for my email, etc. and write to me. Good luck to all and Peace Out!



on July 06, 2011
at 03:53 PM

Ha! I meant H-D - my typing is horrendous.



on July 06, 2011
at 03:52 PM

@meredith-I didn't know hunter gatherers came in pint size



on July 06, 2011
at 03:02 PM

Much like a TV show that goes out on the top of its game, or the poker player who knows how to fold em, or the Wall Street tycoon who buys low and sells high - out goes TMS. Tippin' Back a pint of H-G for ya'!

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5 Answers



on July 06, 2011
at 03:01 PM

Why such a rigid mindset? I don't think that there's any cognitive dissonance in holding both viewpoints, especially considering all the different contexts in which we use and think of our bodies.

For example; on one level a kiss is just an exchange of microbes and saliva between two people, but on another level it's something completely different.

Anyway, I'll miss you if you really are leaving Paleo Hacks for good; you've been one of the funnest posters here for a while now. I don't suppose we could convince you to stick around a bit longer? Care to share your reasons?



on July 06, 2011
at 02:59 PM

Given the amount of times it's broken down, how it has needed repair and requires good fuel, I'd say machine. Metaphorically speaking, of course ;-)



on July 06, 2011
at 03:20 PM

Both Machine and Metaphor.

Farewell Thomas Seay. Arrivederci. Alvederzane. Ta-Ta. Ciao. Pa-ka.

Goodbye friend.



on July 06, 2011
at 03:10 PM

Many of us use war metaphors, sports metaphors and yes - mechanical metaphors to describe and understand our bodies. I don't wish to see my body as a battlefield, a baseball game or a Jiffy Lube. I like to think of my body as an expression of life - gotta keep that energy flowin'.



on July 06, 2011
at 02:50 PM

For me it is neither, it is more like a relational database program (genetics) and data structure (environment) that holds the data (my life) and gives it form and functionality.

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