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TV and you eat chips what happened stacked to check my self control myself any only well hit for will finish the big are ready you are ready mister Inouye now my okay is what you have we need to have a whole bag you mister let's get back decisions good and bad they???re all going to lead us toward what we're going to see on that scale right we go again class on the steps on a scale your 333 house Douglas that was to lose 60 pounds in three months three doses 273 pounds or less let you go they saw what I saw I don't now ready right and face scale to me that's 2-for-2 she barely a single she early days to go even ran the numbers again just to double check sure enough 273 I don't know what it is about her but she's doing it I freaking sixty pounds last six months people weightless and I've lost one other thing I want talking about com I want to ask you if you think it???s time to religion other???s pins no if you're ready to let go no day will probably be them miles curry thing to do but is like given rhythm I don't want her think about her mother as a day that's no way to think about your mom and also she so close with her mother shelties your identity in with your mom Ron is knew I'd he's about breaking had are you ready you weapons here.


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