a food sensitivity run amuck?

Commented on February 12, 2012
Created February 11, 2012 at 12:32 AM

Gary? To take your Paleodiet a step farther, have you tried a food vsensitivity test? for example, I can do Paleo but eggs don't love me, but I believe red meat does.There's the ALCAT that may be $900-$1500, at the lower end an MRT that runs abt $375, or abt $100 a vial. It could be your body absolutely HATES one of those proteins, or something else on your diet, like a concentrated herbal cap in quantity. I'm just throwing that out; it's what would come to mind if symptoms aren't dissipating.



on February 12, 2012
at 04:45 AM

okay. Here I go. A friend had the ALCAT test done 15 years ago for $900 -$1500. There is a story that Dr Teitlebaum, abt 20 years ago, had 1 blood draw & used it for 2 differently named patients, and got 2 different test results. I've just started the paleo diet, but am going in for the MRT test @ $375. Waking up I am less sore, so I am encouraged. I also invested in a portable mild pressure hyperbaric chamber. Lyme hates oxygen. and does not have much to do w/a paleo diet.



on February 11, 2012
at 06:28 AM

Flora, this looks like a helpful answer for a question from someone else on the board. Can you find that question (seems like Beth has it in her link) and copy and paste this there as an answer -- if that is in fact what you are trying to do?


on February 11, 2012
at 03:23 AM

Looks like it's an answer to this question: http://paleohacks.com/questions/93272/3-weeks-into-paleo-w-neuro-lyme-disease-not-doing-well-at-all-advice



on February 11, 2012
at 03:20 AM

Looks like spam to me...



on February 11, 2012
at 03:17 AM

what question is this answering? this isn't jeopardy, lol.

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