Packed Paleo Lunch under $12?

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created October 05, 2011 at 6:53 PM

I got some information back from Dustin with Cal Fire, and it looks like he could use some help preparing a proposal for alternative lunches. What could be included in a paleo brown bag lunch that would cost less than $12 per lunch?

Jerky, Nuts, an Apple- these guys are burning some serious calories, so something like the Caveman Cookies might be a good fit. What are you thoughts / what would you suggest for a lunch?



on October 05, 2011
at 08:30 PM

basically, the $12 is the final cost of the lunch. between 50 and 5000 might be ordered.


on October 05, 2011
at 06:57 PM

Are these individually bought items or is cost being factored for things that are made in bulk, like meat, tubers, etc.?

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5 Answers



on October 05, 2011
at 07:00 PM

I have a couple cans of tuna, homemade mayo, some mustard, can of olives, and some peas. Comes out to about $6.00.

1,000 kCal

60 g fat

8 g carbs

87 g protein



on November 03, 2011
at 10:45 AM

1lbs of ground grassfed bison is about $12. You can make two burgers out of that for $6. Top with A1.

Throw in some greens and cukes and maybe a little bit of guac. Some olives maybe, etc.

If you feel like it, grill about 4-5 shrimps along with it.

If you're not trying to lean out, throw in a small or half a baked sweet potato.

Nothing pre-packaged, all self-prepared. Under $8-$9 total. Pack it all up inside a nice glass pyrex, bring a long a real fork (so you're not exposed to BPA, and you don't add more plastic to the landfills). Eat like a king.

Watch your cow-orkers look on with envy as they eat their cardboard flavored pizza with cinnamon bread sticks and drink their diet soda.

Next day, swap in ahi tuna, or wild salmon, roast chicken, etc. Repeat. Some days, make riced cauliflower. Other days steamed broccoli.



on November 03, 2011
at 11:15 AM

My kids unfortunately still want food that looks like what their friends eat. So one of the things I feed them is something that's the equivalent of paleo chicken nuggets. Here's how:

Beat 3-4 pastured eggs with a bit of chicken broth, thoroughly mix in some coconut flower - maybe about 1/4 cup - enough to make it a loose but smooth lump-free batter, salt + pepper, dried herbs such as oregano, basil for taste, turmeric for color (the fast food places use corn for the color). Pour this in a gallon sized zip bag.

Slice up some free range/organic chicken in small chunks (breast or thigh meat). Throw it in the zip-lock bag along with the batter. Close the bag pushing the air out of it. Massage the batter into the chicken until it's all coated.

Melt up some organic palm oil shortening (you can also use ghee, or lard or whatever) in a pan, wait until it's nice and hot.

Drop in bits of chicken into the pan, fry for about 5 minutes or until GBD on one side, flip'em over, fry for another 3 minutes, fish'em out and put on a plate with a paper towel, or a rack. Season with a bit more salt.


It's not great since it's fried, but there's probably a way to tweak this into baked - please share if you know how.

I usually serve these with A1 and some fried plantains with some greens.



on October 05, 2011
at 08:44 PM

Medjool dates, nuts, canned tuna or chicken (with packets of condiments?), beef or venison jerky, veggie chips like Terra Exotic Veg Chips and a piece of dark chocolate.

That would be my ideal to-go lunch ;)

EDIT: Did these lunches have to be shippable, ie shelf-stable? Or can they have fresh stuff in them like produce?



on October 05, 2011
at 07:04 PM

A can of tuna or sardines will be in the neighborhood of 150-300 calories (depending on anything it might be packed with). One or two of those is a good start. If you need to pack in more calories, nuts are an easy target as well, e.g. macadamias.

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