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Answered on August 19, 2014
Created February 14, 2012 at 11:39 PM

hello all,

i've found my healthy to be greatly improved by a paleo diet.

i work at a wonderful, private montessori school which serves children from ages 18 months up to 14 years.

fortunately, i have been asked to serve on a subcommittee that is working to improve the meal planing aspects of the program. unfortunately, the school serves vegetarian (and often vegan) meals. other staff members understand that a lot of our meals are too high in carbohydrates, and not including enough vegetables and quality proteins, etc. but it's so hard to think of how to improve the meals without any meat products. nuts are also verboten, due to allergies. (they do use sunflower butter, but of course it has sugar).

i'm trying to think of some things to suggest to help improve the quality of meals. the children typically plan most of the menus, and they include a protein (sunbutter, beans, cheese, egg), vegetable, fruit, and grain (typically 'whole wheat' bread or pasta products).

there seems to be the typical fat fear, and the milk served is organic and local, but 2%, no butter, etc. is served.

i want to try to encourage more fat (to increase satiety), and a wider variety of vegetables (with vegetables comprising a larger portion of the meals than grains), and beyond that, i'm just not sure what to suggest.!? more eggs as protein?

does anyone have any good info (simple, but reliable) for me to share? (articles, etc.)

i don't know where to start, but i want to help.

thanks in advance!

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on February 15, 2012
at 04:44 AM

Great resources on www.marksdailyapple.com

Given that they are open to dairy, cheese may be your best option--an easy way to get the good fats in. Organic, pastured, hormone & antibiotic-free, of course!

Also, avocados are a good fat source for vegans.



on February 15, 2012
at 01:51 AM

Oh my! I would suggest some .edu for some of the decision makers who would insist on vegetarian-only food. How about copies of Robb Wolf's book?

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