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I always wait until they having weather friends and family sale you can save an extra money also I use the PMD personal microdermabrasion to look and this year's ask me about I get several questions about soccer's I show this in my holy grail standard price for the initial I can give you a this is still my holy grail skin care products it has a little can on lawmakerdermabrasion had their son came in a pre-summit and didn't you play again has a suction indigenous you know players can top and go up in sections and this is still well at all-time favorites King hurdle site uses religiously every Thursday night's I'm but again without said DES are not going to cure cystic acne that comes from the inside out and new topical item or products or tools going to cures is cystic acne from the outside going to get an insight the route so I think that's basically everything I hoped it someone out there find this video helpful and I hope this you know you my experiences can help save you guys from battling cystic acne for years like I had to do when no one really have answers for me and go find answers myself on how to now you know get rid of it the next video that I may be doing in my skin care serious is going to be on acne scars which is something I'm currently working on because I do still have I'm a lot of the marks from all those years of having to deal with the cystic acne so that's a project stuff like nonworking process right now so I'm still going to be experimenting with oil some things I'm using right now and will say anything more about that until I actually put that video up and share any information.


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