Fasting Blood Sugar Higher on Low Carb - Normal??

Asked on December 04, 2014
Created December 04, 2014 at 1:37 PM

I test my blood sugars every morning as per my dr (diabetes runs in my family, i have symptoms of insulin resistance as per GTT), and since switching to paleo/low carb (<30 carbs a day), my morning blood sugars are a little higher. 

When my carbs are between 50-100 a day, my fasting blood sugars were between 75-85.

Low carb fasting blood sugars have been between 90-97. 

What do y'all think? I read this Chris Kresser article, "Why Your "Normal" Blood Sugar Isn't Normal, Part 2"

 saying it probably isn't cause for concern because low carb= an increase in insulin resistance....um, that is the EXACT OPPOSITE of what I want! I exercise 3-5x a week, and last night (7pm-8pm) I did 20 min cardio and 40 min lifting, woke up this morning with a FBS of 97. My dinner last night was some grass fed steak (marinated in EVOO/tamari) and cauliflower with butter. 

My dr. has said in the past that it's my liver's fault - releasing that glycogen in the middle of the night and my pancreas not doing much about it...but on a 50-100 carb diet, my numbers were perfect. Maybe I should up my carbs.

Input is appreciated.


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on December 04, 2014
at 08:34 PM

have a look in to 'physiological insulin resistance'.

i put some links in another answer here that may help shed some more light on your situation.

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