How to get off BC Pill w/o having effects of low estrogen

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created July 17, 2011 at 5:13 PM

I am 48. Take low estrogen BC pills to combat low estrogen and the resulting vaginal atrophy (two c-sections and no vaginal delivery). The doctor never did any labs to confirm the low estrogen, but treated based on two years of shear agony - and it did work - in spades.

How do I get off the BC without having to endure the problems associated with the vaginal atrophy (UTIs, painful intecourse, constant burning)? The BC pills seemed like a god-send; however, I think they are what is, in part, stalling any kind of weight loss.



on October 10, 2011
at 07:37 AM

YOu can have some if mine - I have excess!



on October 09, 2011
at 10:31 PM

Zinc supplementation may be helpful. There are a few posts on here about zinc & estrogen. My n=1 experience (at 48) is that my cm increased and I have more energy (3 weeks of 50 mg zinc picolinate.)


on August 14, 2011
at 09:31 PM

Agreed. What a shame more people don't know about this option. Do make sure to find a knowledegable doctor (probably an ND or Osteopath) to prescribe this though.



on July 17, 2011
at 06:43 PM

You could go to a doctor that perscribes bioidentical hormones and get a small dose of estrogen to be applied vaginaly. These creams can be made at a compounding pharmacy or there are some estradial creams that are pharmaceuticals that can be prescibed. I would just be careful to not have the doctor prescribe premarin cream...this is not bioidentical.

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on December 16, 2011
at 01:40 AM

I would really be careful about going off the BC pill with a history of atrophy, if you have a good OBGYN he/she would be a great resource to explore alternatives that work for you. My mother went of the BC pill, even under the supervision of her OBGYN, and she ended up having a bleed that caused her to lose about 1/2 of her blood and required an emergency hysterectomy. She was very weak for months after and lost 30 pounds off her 120-pound frame, is was very scary and a really awful experience for her.

Birth control pills, which have been blamed for weight gain and the creation of "stubborn weight", have actually shown to have way a less of an impact on weight than previously believed. Especially with the low-estrogen pills, it probably has a relatively low impact on your weight.

That being said, I have been off the BC pill for two years because I found that for some reason it created a lot of depression during PMS that was starting to interfere with my life. So, hopefully you have a good OBGYN that can supervise that transition if you'd like to be off the BC pill! Otherwise, if you have a healthy lifestyle, and are a non-smoker, the BC pill may be worth the benefits you get from allowing you to lead an unhindered life.



on November 02, 2011
at 06:14 PM

http://www.matakanasuperfoods.com/ms/products/suma.html Suma root powder is one of the best sources of sapponins, plant sterols and b-ectosterol - all help support male and female hormones.The link above has a lot of third party and pub med reseach links if you want to check that out.


on October 28, 2011
at 08:36 PM

Switch to bioidentical hormones and exercise. I went off the bcp this past May after 7 years and will never take chemical hormones ever again. BHRT isn't for everyone but I feel good about it and would not want to live life with even moderately low hormones. If you are a blood type O increase your butter some or at least make sure you eat plenty of saturated fat since cholesterol is a hormonal precusor.

You might want to read Healthy Sexy Happy by Nancy Deville, a "real food" advocate whose diet is Weston Price based. She uses BHRT.



on October 10, 2011
at 02:48 AM

Try to find an OBGYN who works with post-menopausal women, ideally one who IS post-menopausal woman (or who is old enough to be heading that way soon). Most of them will be open to bioidentical and topical hormone supplementation.



on July 17, 2011
at 06:18 PM

It sounds like you do need the estrogen therapy. I've been on prescriptions that also increase my tendency to gain and keep weight, but it is possible to work through them, or to counteract them with other drugs. I've had some success with coffee aiding my morning IF, as well as the appetite suppressant effects of Wellbutrin.

Don't let your vagina fall off for the possibility of losing a few more pounds! There are other ways. Redouble your efforts.

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