Paleo v the actual affect of a food?

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So I was thinking. This morning my low carb breakfast was probably one of the best things I have ever experienced.

60 grams of blueberries with 30ml of double cream.

Fresh organic coffee with 30ml double cream.

100 grams of store bought salami.

Now eating like this, hitting my calories for the day is not a diet, it does not wear me down like dieting does normally. I was actually smiling while eating spianata salami. It also happened to be a very cheap meal, didn't come with the price of non processed and dairy leto meals following strict paleo standards of no processed food.

Now I am wondering why it matters if something is processed, should we not focus on the affect the food taken in has on our body? I mean look at these macros:

59 grams of fat - 29 from saturates

8 grams of carb - 7 sugar from sugar

30 grams of protein

78% fat

18% protein

4% carb

Now all the low carb talk of coconut oil in black coffee interested me so i tried it yesterday and it stunk, left me feeling a bit sickly and while eating steak and roasted veg last night was enjoyable, it didn't make me feel any better than what I ate today.

So is fear of processed food only really applicable to carbohydrate, sugars and grains? I mean cream, butter, salami, full fat cheese etc are all delicious, seem to make me feel just as energised without the crashes of carbs and they are all processed fats.

Also cost wise doing low carb paleo seems quite expensive, last night my corn fed steak cost me 5 pounds, the grass fed steaks were half the size and over 10 pounds. I can get one steak every few days and fill a lot of my fat needs with processed high fat foods like cheese, cream and sausage and feel good, spend less and enjoy more varied foods.

How many VLC people follow paleo to the letter?


on March 01, 2014
at 03:48 PM

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on March 01, 2014
at 03:38 PM

Do what you can do - it is better than SAD! The problem with most processed foods is the additives to make them shelf stable and palatable - so much salt and HFCS - getting those out of your diet is a very good thing. What I appreciate about paleo/primal "diets" is that they are predicated on the fact that you are closely observing your response to your food. Why do you need to follow some "diet" to a T? Figure out what works for you. I personally think you should eat salami! It is delicious, full of fat and gelatin, uses many parts of the animal, and is a naturally fermented meat. Buy it from a good place and be happy! A diet rich in hard cheeses, olives, salami, berries, cream. and hi-fat meat products will help you get where you want to go - who cares if the paleo gods decree that your meat needs to be always be grass fed? Will they pay for your meat? Do what you can do until you can afford to do the whole grass-fed thing, and then compare how you feel. It may be that the difference in your well-being and performance isn't so extreme that you need to pay the premium for grass fed! Everyone is different. Enjoy your meals! That breakfast sounded GREAT - I may need to copy you!


on March 01, 2014
at 03:48 PM

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on March 01, 2014
at 02:49 PM

@raydawg that is my plan once i am in the marines on a full wage. My brother will be on the same base so I asked him how he does paleo and he buys the same way I was when I was working full time. I suggested we go i with some of his pals there who do primal and buy a whole animal. Problem will be storing it at base or on the living quarters, we might be abe to pool in for a deep freeze too and get his buddy to convince his wife it isn't an eyesore.

Once I have a full income again you can bet the filet steak and tenderloin will be the biggest contribution to my diet haha.



on March 01, 2014
at 02:19 PM

Try adding both grassfed butter and coconut oil to your hot coffee (start small, like half a tablespoon) and then blend it in a blender (or if you must, use a frother). Add a touch of cinnamon. It won't be gross, it'll be amazing - that's what a bulletproof coffee is. The butter will form a froth, much like a cappuchino and will taste very good. It's not too different than using heavy cream, but you get the benefits of the coconut oil as well.

Salami might have some objectional stuff in there, like BHA for example and the piggies it comes from certainly don't have a great lipid profile - likely high in oxidized n6 PUFAs. If you can get clean stuff, go for it.

Yeah, quality isn't cheap. What's health and longevity worth?

You can do a few things, if you have the ability to travel to a farmer nearby and buy direct, and you own a deep freezer, you could buy say a quarter cow at a time for far less money, and be able to get bones, joints, and organs as well.

Here in the US, a quarter cow is nicely packaged in cuts and is mostly ground beef which I make burgers and sausages out of. You'll need to ask your farmer what you're getting because you might not be able to fit an unbutchered side of cow into a deep freezer.

If you invest in a slow cooker (aka crockpot), you could buy tougher, cheaper cuts of grassfed meats and make stews and other roasts instead of steak.

This means you can't be living in a tiny apartment, and if you live somewhere where power outages are common, you may need a plan to deal with thawing meat.

Be careful with sausages, some use fillers, and some use grains for fillers, so that will cause health issues.

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