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I've been following a semblance of a paleo/low glycemic diet for the last two weeks. What hasn't been entirely clear to me is whether getting all my carbs from vegetables can be considered as low-carb, and whether getting the larger percentage of my calories from veg carbs will still offset the diet (for those who hold that high carb is bad) and my possible insulin/leptin resistance.

I have also restricted my sucrose intake from fruit - at most I'm getting a piece of fruit a day, usually bitter grapefruit which is low in sucrose anyway, and sometimes, not daily, half a teaspoon of raw honey.

The only fixed aspect of my diet is breakfast, which I take in the 8-11am range, depending on hunger - which is basically a spiced yogurt (turmeric, cinnamon and ginger), tea and a square of dark chocolate. I snack mainly on olives, garlic, the aforementioned fruit, almonds, walnuts, - not in excess. I also use olive oil and take cod liver oil. Otherwise lunch and dinner vary a lot, but typically both involve a protein source (roughly 1/3 of the plate, don't know about the calories) and vegetables. I calculate the calories (I know, I shouldn't) at about 1500cal daily.



on May 08, 2013
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Yes, I am asking whether I can get too much carbs from non-starchy vegetables, and specifically whether I will compromise dealing properly with insulin resistance if I eat a high-veg diet. I'm looking to lose fat, and I haven't yet budged from my current weight (c. 300lbs) in the past two weeks, but I'm assuming I'll have to give it more time.



on May 08, 2013
at 02:52 AM

I'm not sure exactly what you're asking? Are you asking whether it's possible to get too much carb from veggies or if you personally are eating too much carb or something else? What are your goals and your results so far?

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on May 07, 2013
at 07:57 PM

Your diet sounds fine, the label of low carb shouldn't matter if

1) you feel satiated with the food you are eating 2) you are losing/maintaining desired weight 3) you have constant energy, no upset stomachs, bloating, generally feel great etc.

So if what you are doing is working, then keep doing it!

But Low carb is more about percentage of macro nutrients, and to be low carb (highfat) you will need to get most of your calories form fat (50-80%) and only a few from carbs (5-20%) and a bit of protien (~ 30%). those figurres are rough but you get the idea.

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