High protein low carb diet, body now rejecting belly button piercing??

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created December 17, 2011 at 8:06 PM

So low carb high protein has been great to lower body fat but recently I have had a strange reaction to my belly button piercing. I have had the piercing for over 11 years without any previous problems but now with my diet change I have noticed it has become inflamed? Any ideas? is this 'normal'?



on December 18, 2011
at 12:30 AM

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on December 17, 2011
at 10:18 PM

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on December 17, 2011
at 08:28 PM

Many complain about repeat questions that could have been avoided by using the site's search function. This is not one of those questions.

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4 Answers



on December 17, 2011
at 10:17 PM

The considerable change in lifestyle and, I believe, the resulting release of toxins as I shed pounds of fat and had at least a partial gut flora change--is any of this sounding familiar?--resulted in me getting my first-ever rash between my breasts.

At least some of the toxins work their way out through you skin I think so it could be that something like that has happened to you. Hopefully it will respond quickly to reasonable remedies and your piercing will settle down. Also, I must say that my son had flare-ups in some long-standing piercings and we couldn't always ID the trigger but it definitely involves the immune system.


on December 18, 2011
at 09:05 AM

you better get some Vitamin C and get it fast, you might be getting Scurvy, the Scar tissue around the implant is comprised of collagen and could to be breaking down, Don't take my word for it. Google it and learn some new stuff. do your Gums now bleed when you floss? that gingivitis is just another sign.


on December 17, 2011
at 09:32 PM

I know when I got pregnant with my now four year old I developed an allergy to many metals - I could no longer where my silver wedding bands or any piercings at all, including in my ears or the navel piercing I had for years. It went away after he was born, but came back with my next pregnancy and was then exacerbated by the copper IUD I had for 2 years. Now that I have had the IUD removed and my hormones are starting to get under control with Paleo (when I am strict) I can wear my wedding rings again. I still cannot tolerate any piercings, but I am hoping that too will improve.

I share all of that because maybe as eating Paleo instead of a SAD changes your hormones, you have developed allergies to certain things. And maybe try the titanium. I am going to try that when I get my belly button re-pierced (the piercing was sewn shut when I had my gallbladder removed).



on December 17, 2011
at 08:46 PM

I've gotten my ears/cartilage pierced so many times that didn't stick. It turns out only titanium will do. Not surgical stainless steel, not nickle-negative niobium, only titanium. Once pierced, gold seems to be ok too as long as it's pure (or only doped with copper).

It's crazy that a piercing you've had for 11 years would start being rejected, but if you've only recently developed the intolerance to some metals (e.g. nickel) then it would make sense. I can't wear most earrings for that reason. I recommend finding a titanium or gold navel ring to wear.

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