Hashimoto's Thyroiditis and Celiac's Disease-- Is Paleo right for me?

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created April 09, 2013 at 6:07 PM

Hi guys-- I've had Hashimoto's for about 2 years and was diagnosed Celiac two months ago. I've low-carbed in the past to lose weight, but unfortunately, it's just not doing it for me anymore. (And as I'm sure you all know, sticking to a strict diet is DIFFICULT when you're not seeing any results).

I've been completely gluten-free for two months, but this pesky 10-15 lbs is just hanging on despite my best efforts. I'm fairly healthy otherwise-- a former college athlete, not obese, but want to lose a few lbs for aesthetic reasons.

So I'm curious, fellow autoimmune victims, is Paleo a better diet for me (over low-carbing or counting calories)? Why do you choose Paleo over other diets? What are the added health benefits of going Paleo that I might see?

All replies gratefully received!

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on April 09, 2013
at 07:10 PM

For me, the added health benefit was I no longer had debilitating stomach pains on a daily basis. Going gluten free was not enough as I react to all grains. I like fresh whole food and I instantly felt better so it was a no brainer for me. Do a whole 30 and see how you feel after that. Low carb has never worked for me for weight loss /shrug/ I know other people shed weight like it was part of their job on low carb but not me. I think you just have to tweak and experiment and figure out what will work for you.

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on April 09, 2013
at 08:11 PM

Most on this forum will say counting calories is not the way to diet. The key is to find a generally wholesome, nutritious diet that has the key macro nutrients (carbs, protein, fat) is the right proportions. The book Perfect Health Diet (Jaminet), which is essentially a Paleo diet plus certain starchy veggies, gives an excellent explanation of all this ... I strongly recommend you read this book.

My suggestion: go Paleo and keep your carb consumption to < 100 grams/day. Since you won't be eating grains your gut will thank you and you might find some relief to your Hashimoto's as a bonus (robbwolf.com has a couple of testimonials to this effect). However don't go too low with carbs (< 30 grams/day) for lengthy intervals since that can be bad for your thyroid. In time you will lose weight, mostly body fat.

A moderately low carb Paleo diet has wiped away a lifetime of belly fat for me. I just wish I did this diet when I was thirty years younger!




on April 18, 2013
at 11:16 PM

I have Hashimotos- I lose a lot of weight on very low carb, but I'm miserable. I feel good on moderate or high carb (no fructose) and reasonably calorie-restricted diet, but am not as slim. My Hashimoto antibody levels are very very low, however, so I'm not sure what's good for me is good for everyone, of course.


on April 10, 2013
at 01:53 AM

Gluten, eggs, and dairy are common causes of hashimotos. If particles of these foods get in the blood, they look very similar to thyroid tissue and can cause an autoimmune reaction. It wouldn't be a bad Idea to get a food intolerance test but I would definitely go paleo.

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