Do you think low carb would be beneficial for me?

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created February 20, 2012 at 4:26 AM

First of all, I super appreciate you clicking this question. I am rather desperate for input :^(

I posted a question a while ago about recovering from caloric restriction. I had been eating fair amounts of fruit, which was alright, but I still found myself anxious sometimes, binging on paleo foods and overall feeling like a sack of poop!

I've tried gradually lowering my carbs, something that came along pretty naturally. I got to three days with only veggies and meat and it felt pretty good. This morning I was all pumped to do some bodyweight exercises and I felt so weak I gravitated towards the banana. Three bananas and half a white potato later and I'm falling apart again. So I think maybe I should take a break and see what happens, perhaps for a month?

Is this a good idea? Would I be able to build muscle and increase my energy levels this way? And what are the effects on mood, in your experience? It seems it goes both ways for folks!

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4 Answers



on February 20, 2012
at 07:10 AM

Consider adding some egg yolks to your meat and vegetables to add in nutrients and fat. Make sure you have sunshine and/or Vitamin D3. If you go low carb consider adding some potatoes to balance out your workouts.



on February 20, 2012
at 06:25 PM

It sounds like you're trying to take on too much all at once. I think you need to divide this up into manageable components and take your time.

Give this a read: http://www.marksdailyapple.com/primal-living-transition-six-easy-steps/#axzz1mwC4zKPY

Focus on eating good whole foods and taking care of yourself. You can tinker later. There's no reason for you to do this all at once. This is a process for all of us, no one conquered paleo in one day.



on February 20, 2012
at 06:12 PM

Frankly, if you're recovering from what sounds like an eating disorder, the last thing you need is yet another restrictive food regimen. If I was you I would eat a version of paleo that's as inclusive as possible, one that makes you happy and makes you feel nourished and good about yourself. Low carb helps some people lose weight but that's not what you need. It sounds like you need to make peace with food, rebuild your energy and nutrient stores and cut yourself a bit of slack while you do that.



on February 20, 2012
at 06:57 AM

It has been the best for me, for improving mood, energy and reducing cravings.

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