Do Carbs Help Skin Wounds to Heal? VLC to LC?

Commented on March 05, 2014
Created March 05, 2014 at 8:37 AM

I eat low carb most of the time as i'm intolerant, most days my few carbs come from salad, broccoli, avocados, nuts, so mostly fibre, come the weekend i cheat & eat some carbs, not necessarily safe starches, the next day i notice that wounds that are pretty much healed but still slightly red tend to lighten up to skin colour. Is there anything that shows carbs being good for healing?

Now it could be that i'm sleeping more & exercising more on the weekends, but im open to the possibility that it's the carbs aswell.

I think burning fat & being low carb is great, its how i function best, but i'm starting to warm up to the idea that giving the body some carbs rather than forcing it to make glucose from protein or fat could ease a bit of stress on the body (i think this is what Jaminet says)

So i'll always be low carb as i can't tolerate much, but i'm starting to think i should be low carb, not VLC. The thing is potatoes, rice, quinoa just aren't that appetizing to me, what else could i eat as a 'safe starch' to test the waters?

Any advice on this from both sides of the fence is much appreciated



on March 05, 2014
at 10:14 AM

It could be, i don't consciously eat to a deficit during the week as I'm not eating low carb to lose weight, although i probably do up calories on the weekend. I'm 6,3" 84kg & eat 2500 to 3000 during the week then 3000+ on the weekends as i do long walks & sprints. Maybe I'm not eating enough during the week as I'm so tall



on March 05, 2014
at 09:46 AM

what about calories as well...ie. would your calorie intake differ at the weekends (up or down). just thinking more calories at the weekend could speed up healing, especially if you are currently dropping weight, ie. generally running a calorie deficit during the week

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