Benefit of adding butter/ghee to my mainly beef based diet?

Answered on July 26, 2014
Created July 26, 2014 at 12:31 AM

Because of many food allergies and sensitivities I've found that I do best on a high fat diet, mainly consuming grassfed/finished fatty beef and a few servings of low carb green veggies daily.

I've recently introduced small amounts of raw milk cheese without any adverse reaction, which is giving me some needed variety.

Was wondering if I should try to experiment with adding in butter/ghee to my diet? I couldn't find useful nutritional information about whether there is anything present in the fat of butter/ghee which would not be present in the beef fat as well? Does anyone have insight on this? Would a diet of meat, raw milk cheese, and ghee be best since it incorporates 3 different types of animals fats? Or is this redundant?

My options are very limited since I cannot consume anything with a high phenol/salicyclate content, so I prefer to stick to foods in the animal kingdom.

Thanks in advance for any information or opinions you may have!

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on July 26, 2014
at 04:04 AM

I looked to see how much myristoleic acid was in tallow and butter but the MUFA numbers don't add up to the total MUFA content and myristoleic acid content is shown with ~

Butter has short chain fatty acids and there are some other differences also:







on July 26, 2014
at 01:49 AM

The USDA has a searchable database that probably contains the nutrient composition data you're looking for.

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