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Asked on June 22, 2015
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Hey everyone,

I started paleo last Jan when a screening at work found that I had high blood pressure (150/90). Further testing showed that it had damaged my kidneys and put me into stage 3 CKD. Since then I have lost 40 lbs and through drug/paleo my blood pressure is well controlled. I average 115-125/70-80 sometimes even dipping as low as 105/65 when very strictly adhering to paleo.

My kidney doctor noted that normally people with CKD have dislipidemia so he ordered up a cholesterol test for me. My test came back great. Total Cholesterol was 111 Trigs were 90 HDL was a tad low at 33. LDL and VLDL were both not even close to the warning range but I can’t remember the exact numbers at the moment.

They Ran my A1C back in Jan and it came back at 5.9 so I was getting close to diabetic at the time. The most recent run a month ago was a 5.3. I have been using my mother glucose meter occasionally to check up on my blood sugar and its been great. Fasting has been 70-80 and 2 hours after a meal 90-100.

So aside from the permanent kidney damage I managed to give myself things have been going well. Recently though I have noticed a few things pop up that seem kind of weird and wanted to get some input.

The first.

I will be lying in bed at night nearly asleep when all of a sudden I pop back awake with a very weird sensation my ears.

It feels like the pressure in my ears is changing very rapidly up and down. It feels like it might be in time with my heartbeat. I can hear just fine during the sensation and there is no pain at all. It just feels like the pressure is rapidly changing. Like when you fly or drive up large hills/mountains and have to clear your ears. But the main difference is that those are gradual. This like I said before is rapid and as far as I can tell is only a sensation of pressure since there is no hearing loss or pain when it happens.

The second.

I have seen an increase in Blue Field Entoptic Phenomenon. Basically when looking at the sky or any brightly lit object I see a swirling mass of bright dots moving around. It has been explained to me that this is from the difference in opacity between white blood cells and normal blood cells traveling in the capillaries of the eye. The brain sees this and interprets this as points of light that dance around. Anyone can see them if they try by looking at the sky. But I now see them when looking at anything bright. For instance my computer monitor or light shining on a white wall.

Any ideas?

Do you think these two symptoms could be related to having a well controlled blood pressure after having spent so long with uncontrolled blood pressure?


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