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Answered on January 08, 2014
Created January 06, 2014 at 6:20 PM

My husband & I have been on Paleo for about 6 weeks. We have been pretty strict with our diet and only went off paleo once this past week (cheeseburger). The first week I lost 4 pounds, the second week 2 pounds, the third week nothing, the fourth week 2 pounds, the fifth week nothing & this past week I gained 2 pounds! I'm feeling frustrated because I kept hearing give it a month & you'll feel awesome. Well I can't tell a difference as far as how my body feels. My sleep is a little bit better, but I think that may be because I cut out all caffeine. We usually eat 3 meals a day with a couple of snacks. I feel like I'm eating a lot less than I did before & a lot more healthier. I'm obese, 5'4" and started out at 214 pounds, now 208 pounds. With such drastic changes in my diet I would think I would see better results. I'm also doing the beginning strength workout from nerdfitness every other day & on opposite days riding my stationary bike for 20 minutes. I'm starting my exercise routine out slow, but it's still more than I was doing before (nothing). I'm just frustrated that I'm not feeling better & not seeing the scale move down more. Today I feel like quitting, all this effort & money & nothing to show for it. Is this normal?

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on January 08, 2014
at 10:19 AM

Sometimes this happens, a simple tip to loss weight is, take a hot water in a glass and add 2tbsp of honey in that and drink every morning. Follow this for 2-3 months you will definitely notice changes, i mean natural weight loss. Thank You


on January 07, 2014
at 12:16 AM

Keep an eye on those calories and carbs using an app. A lot of Paleo's poo-poo calorie counting but I think it has it's place, at least as a monitor. Don't go too low. Also, I'd recommend throwing in some intermittent fasting here and there to bust a plateau and I also love to use dandelion tea to de-bloat. It helps shed the water weight and get your digestion moving so I have a few cups ever few days. For workouts I like HIIT and the data supports it for weight loss.


on January 06, 2014
at 08:27 PM

If you want to lose weight very quickly, going ketogenic is the best way. That basically means eating less than 20g of carbs per day. You can monitor your ketogenic state by using some ketone test strips from the drug store.


on January 06, 2014
at 07:24 PM

Post what you are actually eating (portion size included). We may be able to help you more if you told us more. I think calorie restriction is still key to weight loss. Paleo gives you guidelines for healthy eating, but we still need to watch out for calories. I was gaining weight on Paleo when I was overeating calorically dense Paleo food.

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on January 06, 2014
at 07:17 PM

Forget the scale for 6 months, you will lose weight and change some to muscle with exercise/weights. The scale will only make you obsess with every little up or down and you will link that to what you had for lunch today instead of what you've been doing for the past few weeks. Trust me that it will work. I didn't weigh myself at home for the first 6 months, only a doctors visit told me the ugly truth. I still wear the same belt from my start only it hangs about an extra 10 inches now.

Slow weight loss is better, the longer it takes the more chance you will keep it off because you are not doing extreme things to lose it.

We usually eat 3 meals a day with a couple of snacks - two meals a day would be better, ok 3 if you must but lose the snacks and eat more satisfying foods at your main meal. Throw in a 24 hour fast so you know the difference between hunger and eating out of habit (my old problem).

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