Livestock Might Save the World

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created March 16, 2013 at 11:26 PM

This is a pretty amazing Ted Talk, with an ecologist that has worked in Africa for 50 years. He advocates using huge herds of livestock to fight desertification. Environmentally, economically, it seems very sound.

Is it the ultimate argument against vegans? And what do you think of his ideas?


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2 Answers



on March 16, 2013
at 11:54 PM

This is the one concept I try to speak about to everyone in terms of sustainable futures because its how the native Americans kept the praries lush and fertile. Then the white man came and over hunted them and destroyed the praries. People probably never made the connection but after reading Joel Salatins Folks, This Ain't Normal, I finally saw the light and understood ecology so much better. Also reading The Vegetarian Myth gave the same perception on sustainable futures. Vegans have it all wrong and refuse to see life on earth as continuous cycles that require death and decomposition in order for life and rejuvenation. Allon Savorys TED talk mentioned should be shown in every single classroom in the US so we can wake up and see how backwards our food system is and how sustainable we could be if we could learn to capture carbon the way Nature gave us. So easy! Rant over



on March 17, 2013
at 04:37 PM

More than anything I love the philosophy behind it, to work with nature not against it. I thought the increased crop yields were interesting too as people often say we only have 50-100 years of top soil left. This looks like a promising way to feed our growing populations whether that's with meat, veggies or cereal grains.

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