Stomach Pain After Eating Liver

Answered on August 26, 2013
Created August 12, 2012 at 5:21 PM

Has anyone experienced stomach pains after eating liver? Also, does anyone know what is the reason for this?



on July 29, 2013
at 10:47 PM

Lamb liver makes me throw up! I've eaten beef liver though without ill effect though... strange



on August 12, 2012
at 09:00 PM

Am keen to see people's answers because I sometimes get stomach discomfort after eating liver (lamb liver)

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3 Answers


on August 26, 2013
at 07:43 PM

Is it only after liver? Or do you experience the same symptoms after foods like cheese or shellfish? It could be that you're sensitive to histamine.


on August 12, 2013
at 04:25 PM

If your stomach hurts after eating liver, don't eat it. Problem solved.


on July 29, 2013
at 02:29 PM

Hi, I'm currently experiencing horrible stomachache after eating turkey liver pate I've just cooked: perfectly fresh, soaked in milk to get rid of bile. Still experimenting with it and failing every f*ing time. So sad, I used to love liver - had no problems of this kind when a child.

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