Long term MCT use?

Answered on September 16, 2013
Created September 16, 2013 at 3:11 AM

Ive looked here and on line and only seen anecdotal stuff about liver stuff couple things on gall bladder.

Im 214 6''1.5" 9bf. I take 5000mg a day in pharma grade gel caps. I still eat animal fats in the morning 20gms a day in the am. This doesnt include other fats. I feel generally good, strong when training. Some times my stomach gets little off

I had a very positive weight cut from it.

The truth is I am taking them to help with suggested benefit for TBI from all my concussions as an a athlete [15]. The thermogenic benefit has been a very cool side effect

I'm doing blood work soon since I been taking them like this for 12 weeks now.

Any links or input appreciated. Great forum

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on September 16, 2013
at 10:28 AM

MCTs are quickly converted by your liver into ketones. If you are fat adapted, that is you've gone something like 30 days with very low carb and zero sugar, then your body will make use of the ketones and you won't get ketone breath and bad BO. It's a source of energy, not very different from burning your own fat stores while fasting.

The only "red flag" that would show up at a blood test is that you might be slightly insulin resistant. This is not pre-diabetes, but rather a form of insulin resistance that's useful. Your muscles and part of your brain will burn ketones for energy, while you'll make glucose from protein via gluconeogenesis. By ignoring insulin, your muscles will avoid absorbing the freshly made glucose intended for red blood cells, and long nerves (which lack mitochondria), thus keeping you alive. This would only show up on a blood glucose tolerance test, so no worries.

Just don't go overboard. Have something like a weekly carb refeed after working out, and don't do both VLC and IF at the same time and you'll be fine.

If you overdo it on MCTs, you won't be burning your own stored fat (assuming your goal is to lean out). 5g of MCT and 20g of fat isn't a lot of calories. Most people need something like 2000 calories just to exist (without running around or being active). You still need a lot more calories than what you say you're consuming.

Also, you can buy MCT oil in bottles, far less expensive than in pills. Most people do a bulletproof coffee with a tablespoon of butter, and a tablespoon of MCT oil. (Work your way up to this very slowly and always sip it, not chug it, or you'll have explosive diarhea caused by too much fat too fast called stretorrhea.)

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