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Answered on August 19, 2014
Created August 23, 2012 at 6:45 PM

A couple of weeks ago I started adding liver back into my diet mainly sheep's liver and I started to notice my improvements inside the gym and my recovery time was faster as well. I was just wondering anyone experience the same thing on organ food as I have?.I have done a quick Google search and come up with"The Liver Files" on the western A price website.My second Question is I heard that high amounts of vitamins A, blocks the affects of vitamin D. Should I be worried about eating liver if it is going to block the effects of vitamin D?. I am taking Vitamin D3 drops 4000 IU

stat 6.2 weight 201 lb skin type white body type lean

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on August 24, 2012
at 08:52 PM

3-4 oz a week of liver are fine for me, probably almost double that for you due to your higher bodyweight. I disagree with the WAPF that we need any more than ~10,000 IUs/day of retinol for good health.

We evolved with a higher ratio of D to A. Sun daily. Liver? Maybe once a week?

Get your D level tested & adjust your sun/supplementation to make sure you are in the 50-60 ng/ml blood level range (physiological range for hunter-gatherers) and you should be golden.



on August 23, 2012
at 06:57 PM

As far as I know, eating liver is fine. Or even fermented cod liver oil - it is fine too. I have been eating liver for a while and have noticed some definite improvements. However, I need to eat it with some fat.

High amount of synthetic vitamin A is not recommended.



on August 25, 2012
at 02:00 AM

I think that vitamin A and D are used together, so that when you increase one, you should also consume/produce more of the other.

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