Anyone know of good liver/kidney cleansing supplements? Dandelion, Cranberry, Milk Thistle?

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created July 15, 2012 at 5:11 PM

I took milk thistle and haven't noticed much, dandelion root appears to be working wonders though.

Know of a good cranberry supplement? No I do not want to eat cranberries every day.

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5 Answers


on July 15, 2012
at 05:26 PM

Beets and nettles are also great for kidneys.



on July 16, 2012
at 07:37 AM

Dan shen (chinese herb), is strongly hepaprotective and is IMO the best liver supplement. Google it...



on July 16, 2012
at 07:31 AM

Knudsen makes an unsweetened cranberry juice concentrate that makes a tasty tart spritzer with some mineral water and stevia (or honey, or orange juice concentrate, whatever you like, but the taste benefits greatly from some sort of sweetener). It looks like a tiny bottle, and will set you back $9-10, but it lasts for a really long time.

I've actually had really good luck with every brand of freeze-dried cranberry capsules I've tried, from cheapo to expensive, I think they are kind of hard to screw up. I just grab the cheapest one I can find at Super Supplements, or order from Swanson or Vitacost.

Horsetail tincture is good for the kidneys too if you are finding yourself prone to cystitis or kidney stones. I'm not sure whether it is indicated for general kidney support though.

If you are working on this to get toxins out of your body, I believe extra soluble fiber is recommended for binding to anything that you are asking your body to excrete via the liver before it can be taken back up in the large intestine.


on July 15, 2012
at 08:55 PM

you can also try a dandelion tincture that has both roots and leaves. the leaves are a diuretic... so they'll help remove the toxins after leaving the liver.


on July 15, 2012
at 08:53 PM

The only cranberry supplement I have found that does anything is called Cranberry1000. I took 3 pills 3 x a day for a week.

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