What Do you eat on an average day

Answered on October 28, 2015
Created October 26, 2015 at 9:00 PM

Include Breakfast, Lunch and dinner for an average day and time period you eat:

I.)                  Breakfast:

Smoothie at 8:00 AM

a.)    1 cup of Coconut milk

b.)    2-3 bananas

c.)     1 raw egg

d.)    1 cup of other fruit (pineapple, blueberries, berries, mango, orange, etc)

e.)    1 tbs organic honey

f.)     Some ginger and cinnamon


II.)                Lunch

Potato salad @ 11:00 AM

a.)    Kale/spinach or bok choy

b.)    Cucumbers

c.)     Tomatoes

d.)    Chicken 3 ounces

e.)    1.5 lbs of potatoes (sweet, red, golden, or white)

f.)     Sauerkraut

g.)    3 TBS hemp seeds

h.)    Various herbs and spices

III.)              Dinner

Rice bowl @ 3:00 PM

a.)    2.5 cups of white rice

b.)    3 ounces of grass fed beef

c.)     1 avocado

d.)    Broccoli

e.)    Asparigus

f.)     Various herbs and spices


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on October 28, 2015
at 09:51 AM

Breakfast: an egg or two

Snack: coffee with double (heavy) cream

Lunch: a big salad with meat, egg, cheese or fish and home made mayonnaise

Snack: coffee with double (heavy) cream

Dinner: Meat or fish, veggies with occasional potatoes or rice

            Fruit with cream or Greek yogurt

Drinks: Water or tea.

I am primal, not paleo as I have no issues with dairy. I never weigh anything, just eat to appetite.

Indulgence: Dark chocolate

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