Paleo Liquid Diet for someone unable to chew to get started and thrive

Asked on May 08, 2018
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looking for assistance with nourishing myself/body
with a liquid pureed diet for now. have a dental issue which
doesn't allow me to chew. am in contact with a
biological dentist to help with this.

looking forward to adventures and explorations
here. am in healing and moving forward after
decades of not knowing i have the MTHFR
mutations. am just beginning to explore that too.

have been seriously nutrient deficient for decades. and have
eliminated many foods which deplete my systems.

present limited diet of:
**local duck and hen eggs, slightly 'scrambled' in ghee,
coconut oil, or olive oil.

**'smoothie' consisting of Naked Goat Whey powder
with a banana and Gynostemma tea.

** Aroy-d coconut cream. creamed with a little almond, vanilla
and stevia.


Just two weeks ago, began to eat Ancestral Supplements:




Bovine Trachea Cartilage

Bone Marrow


most of these also include Liver.

will being their Beef Organs blend this month.


UNABLE To eat;

superfood green blends, and food based vitamins due to

leafy greens and other MTHFR antagonists.

yes, it has been very limited diet.

and i am SO looking forward to the sharing of wisdom here,
to help myself and others who may be in this situation.

thank you in advance for your kind help.

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