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Commented on November 10, 2011
Created November 10, 2011 at 2:57 PM

Hi Jack, I've immersed myself into researching my diet, lipids, ancestry, etc over the past 6 months and it seems like every website I find has a post or comment by you already. I read your posts and they basically read like something I could have written myself. So I'm reaching out, thinking whatever is causing your problem is also causing mine. Lets look at our last VAP tests:

       Mine      Jacks
LDL    156       161
HDL    29        35
VLDL   50        69
Total  235       265
TGs    190       224
apoB   132       142
Lp(a)  4.0       8.0
HDL2   5         8
HDL3   24        27
VLDL3  30        36
Pattern B        B

We seem to eat the same diet, exercise comparably, close to the same age, have the same build, and get the same advice. I think its time we chat Jack. Feel free to email me at berger6696 at yahoo.com if you'd like.

EDIT: changed email to be an at instead of @ to reduce spam.



on November 10, 2011
at 07:51 PM

no worries, I keep getting the same error. I have one other thread that may be of interest to you, it has my VAP test from 11/04/2011 here. http://paleohacks.com/questions/75930/got-my-vap-test-results-now-what#axzz1d1oZNC26 I no longer have low cholesterol either. Not sure whats going on but right now I'm thinking ApoE4.



on November 10, 2011
at 07:42 PM

berger - just saw this. but I've tryign to leave a comment for several hours and something is blocking me. Anyway. This is interesting. i can't login to my gmail email right now, but I'll check it later. that you've had a heart attack and our labs are similar is not very comforting to me. i just read your heart attack thread. Paul was concerned about infection in connection with low cholesterol, but I defintiely do not have low serum cholesterol.



on November 10, 2011
at 05:51 PM

Leave a comment to one of his answers. He'll see it.



on November 10, 2011
at 04:24 PM

Hi gill, I dont see an email address at his profile?



on November 10, 2011
at 04:03 PM

Chris, you can find an email for Jack at his user profile. There's no need to post something like this. It's not a question. http://paleohacks.com/users/3222/jack-kronk

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