more lipid question: got VAP results. Help interpreting, please?

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created November 16, 2011 at 6:16 PM

Just got the results of the VAP I took on 11/2. I've been Paleo since about August. Before that, was eating a lot of whole grains (just b/c I think there may be some "clearing out" going on here)

alt text

So, my LDL is high, but it's pattern A (I accidentally whacked off the line under the asterisk that says "large, bouyant". So I'm not overly concerned about that.

My HDL has gone up. I posted here before and on 9/12 my HDL was 74. I think it was 65 or 55 (my scan is fuzzy) on 9/2. That it's climbed up to 89 is, I think, a good sign.

My Triglycerides have gone down from 87 on 9/12, so that's good, too, I think.

I don't know what to think of the apoB100-calc, the LDL-R (Real)-C, the Lp(a) Cholesterol or the others that are shown as high.

The Lp(a) sorta concerns me b/c I've read that it's an independent risk factor for CVD. But, then again, CW says that saturated fats are as well. So I'm just not sure what to think. Did a PH search for "Lp(a)" and didn't find any discussions, so asking now.

Also, what about the VLDL-3? (On 9/12, VLDL calculated) was 34 and high. Here the VLDL-3 is 14 and the VLDL is 23). So looks like it's dropping???

to the extent it's relevant, my HS CRP was .2 on 9/12

I'm waiting for the results of a heart scan to see if there is plaque. (I caved to the pressure of my doc!) Hoping the Pattern A is an indicator that there is not.

Oh, and my overall cholesteral just keeps going up. 265 on 9/2 and 324 on 9/12.

Before this test, I'd added back in cream in my coffee and scrambled eggs/omelettes. And some butter (in the veggies b/c the kids don't like em in coconut oil).

Is my Pattern B "low enough"? If not, what more can I do to lower it, or is it a fair bet that I'm on that trajectory?

I can't for the life of me remember the ratio that folks point to as a marker of CVD, and my quick search (have to run out right now) didn't turn it up. If some kind soul would tell me, I'd appreciate it!

Travis talks about walking to clear out trigs, and while I do some slow biking on the exercise bike, I haven't really worked in long walks yet, though I'm hoping to with the kids.


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on March 07, 2012
at 07:59 PM

I think that the answer is to make certain that you increase your intake of vegetables. Fill half to three quarters of your plate with them. These are "natures brooms". Be sure to include cruciferous veggies. Things that are in the cabbage/broccoli/kale family. Eat every color of the rainbow. Try to choose more lean cuts of meats and see if that has a positive effect on your test results.


on January 05, 2012
at 12:51 AM

A lot of stuff is pretty high, I guess, except your triglycerides, which are good and low. Are there any updates?

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