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Answered on August 19, 2014
Created May 19, 2011 at 6:14 PM

Male,22,years old,5foot10,250 pounds.Only jurted strict,VLC paleo last week.I am seven days into it now.Deep Ketosis already for four days and feeling fine!I have lost approximately 5 pounds but I guess it is not much fat that I am losing yet.

Anyway,I went to pick up my sister from work,she works as a chemist assisant,and she informed me that a doctor in a flat above offers free lipid and glucose testing.So of I went. It was a portable little machine and,since I did not know about the testing,I had my first cheat cookies fifteen minutes before the test! Results are below.I know that such tests are not accurate and the ammount of blood taken was minimal,just a pinch,but I would like a paleo opinion!

TC=181, TRG=168, HDL-C=22, LDL-C=126, non-HDL=159, TC/HDL=8,3, GLU=101, HbA1C=5,0.

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on May 19, 2011
at 06:26 PM

Those machines are not the most accurate. But may indicate where you can improve.

Triglycerides too high, HDL too low. LDL is high but the only thing that really matters is the preponderance of LDL particles be pattern A...large bouyant particles as opposed to small dense harmful particles sdLDL. That reading can be gotten by a VAP test or a NMR test.

This gives you a baseline so you can watch your progress over the coming year. Continue to eat paleo and especially avoid all wheat based products and all sugar and you will see your triglycerides decrease, your HDL rise and probably your LDL will decrease. Your fasting glucose glu is fine. Your LDL/HDL 22/126=.17. You want that ratio to be a min of .3 and better at .4

Continue on in your newly found paleo and you will do just fine. It may take a year to totally change your lipid profile.


on May 20, 2011
at 02:56 PM

If you just started Paleoing, it's understandable your trigs will still be high. Your HDL is low but that should increase as you start eating Paleo. Actually, your trigs are not that bad considering you just started.

Your FBG of 101 is high but it seems like it's affected by the cookie, since your HbA1c is okay. Most doctors would say your HbA1c is fine but those who are strict about BG control would advise keeping it around 4.5. The perfectly normal A1c not affected by diabetes or insulin resistance is supposed to be 4.5 (or 4.3).

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