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Answered on May 07, 2018
Created May 03, 2018 at 10:00 PM

ok to start out,this is meant to be fairly light hearted so dont mind the ranting too much.Also I know I can just ignore people but I'd rather explain to them in simple terms.

So,by nature I intermitently fast.I have since I was a teenager ( 10 plus years) on most days as it has always come naturally to me.

There's something about eating too early that just makes me sick and sluggish.Also I gain weight and even though my physical appetite doesn't increase I have a lot of unhealthy cravings if I eat breakfast.

I discovered the term for eating like I do a few years back at Mark's Daily Apple and rejoiced.

I'm just tired of family,friends and especially coworkers that can't mind their business scolding me blah blah breakfast is the most important meal of the day, you'll be healthier,blah blah.It' s like breakfast is sacred to these people.They always bring up" well studies say....."They lecture and scold and tsk tsk just because my eating pattern is different than theirs.

I'm sure others hear the same things constantly.What do you tell them? How do you explain briefly and politely that what you do is perfectly healthy?How do I assure them I'm not about to die on the job because I didn't have frosted flakes before coming to work?

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on May 07, 2018
at 06:02 PM

You should tell them its none of their business, that you have a health condition and if they have any questions they can share with your doctor. 

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