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I am new to the paleo diet.  At 55 I've been a vegetarian since 16 years old - and off/on vegan. One of my biggest concerns is protein. Is the Paleo diet legume-free too.  I realize that it is grain-free.  How do the Paleo diet followers fare with protein?



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Okay, so I realize that legumes and grains (full of macro nutrients) are considered estrogenic (having plant estrogens) being purely plant foods. MEAT, wether raised natural, antibiotic-free, hormone-free, grain-fed, wild caught, pastured, -- all this nice criteria is SUPER and I buy foods with these labels in order to be healthy and eat the best possible nutritious diet.  What I do not understand is the advertisement of the PALEO diet making claims that meat in and of itself is healthier & non-estrogenic.  This can't be true as animals raised as healthy cannot be estrogen-free even if estrogens were not added to their diet or given through injection in any form.  Meat itself because it is "animal flesh" is full of HORMONES naturally.  How is this any healthier than the food gimmicks overdoing the labels for hormone-free, which ONLY means none were given or added.  But these hormones occur naturally in the "flesh" and tissues of meat.  We as humans have our own natural occuring hormones (progestins, prostiglandins, estrogens (iol, diol, etc.), testosterone, etc. etc. And animals eat GRAIN. Hello??? Anyone hear me out there? If they are by some intervention fed meat instead of grain, then these animals are still consuming the "natural" occuring hormones in the meat (feed - Hence, cannibalism).

Now ALL refined carbs, I agree are BAD!  Sugars & starches.  And what hurts the vegetarian/vegans out there seeking to eat healthy is,  that most of our grains are not the original seeds. They have undergone generations and generations of change and mutations. I seriously doubt there is any good corn out there on the market, or wheat for that matter.  Now this is a crying shame!

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Legumes are not paleo, though some do cheat here and there. Legumes are high in antinutrients, some of which are harmful to the gut lining, others which are endocrine system disruptors (i.e. soy and other beans are estrogenic.) Least harmful legumes would be chickpeas and lentils. Even then, they're also higher in carbs than in protein, and what aminos they have are in weird ratios, so you could get too much of some and not enough of others. We eat grassfed/pastured (when possible) meat, wildcaught (when possible) fish, pastured (when possible) eggs, shellfish for protein, but, nose to tail, and organ meats as well as bone broth is included in that.

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