Red cells clumping with meat

Answered on February 16, 2014
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The web page


(there is also a followup article on the WAPF site, same author) presents some striking pictures. Basically

a) unmodified pork meat clumps the blood cells of eaters pretty bad

b) that is avoided by marinating the meat

Part a) is the same phenomenon that occurs when eating lectin-rich foods (there are many lectins that will clump one's blood). In fact, blood clumping is the single most frequent effect of circulating lectins. I hypothesize that there are enough lectins in circulation in CAFO pork (from for and soybeans) that the clumping effect is explainable by absorbed lectins from the pork. Keep in mind that in CAFO operations pigs digestive inflammation is a major problem. Even pastured pork eats soybeans (although the same article shows no effect from eating pastured bacon).

Part b) shows that an acidic agent will maintain normal blood structure (the followup article shows the same results with pork chop alone, and pork chop with sauerkrauts). This may explain why there are so many pork combinations involving acidity (pork and krauts, pork and apple in North Europe; sweet and sour pork in China; and various pork, vinegar and preserved olives combinations in Southern Europe).

This raises a lot of questions, since of course I do not want my blood to look like that, ever, and also (assuming these are in fact lectin effects) how much are lectins affected by acidic agents. Have we found the reason for pasta with tomato sauce? Or a fruit at the end of each meal? and how many heart attacks are precipitated by clumping after a heavy meal(Tony Soprano comes to mind)?

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on February 16, 2014
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Live blood analysis has been discussed here before. It's pseudo-science BS. Dig through the archives. We've discussed those very images previously.

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