Clover Sprouts, Radish Sprouts, Alfalfa Sprouts

Answered on March 13, 2012
Created November 19, 2010 at 1:51 AM

Is there anything wrong with them? Are they harmful in any way?

I love mung bean sprouts, but since I don't eat legumes, I don't eat those anymore, but I wonder about the others re: lectins and phytates.



on November 19, 2010
at 02:06 AM

Good question. Years ago I had sprouts prolly every night in a big salad. Then years of WAP style eating had me move away from them. Sally Fallon has written some about sprouts (particularly broccoli sprouts I believe) being less then beneficial for us. From that I never went back. They certainly seem benign to me, but I avoid them.

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on November 19, 2010
at 08:25 AM

Unfortunately, I don't have any studies to back this up, but I remembered seeing something about alfalfa sprouts on The Healthy Home Economist a while ago, so I looked it up and found this: "Alfalfa sprouts are mildly toxic and inhibit the immune system. Eating them on a frequent basis can even contribute to inflammatory arthritis and lupus!" No details on that though.

Radishes are cruciferous (goitrogenic), and I assume the sprouts are as well, so if you're concerned about your thyroid I'd limit those (ditto with broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, kale, etc). If you have a very healthy thyroid, you're probably fine with them.

I have no idea about clover, though. Sorry!



on March 13, 2012
at 10:45 PM

I have been told that alfalfa sprouts are goo for you if you have them everyonce ina while not everyday... im not sure though

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