staying lean while having a sinus infection

Answered on August 19, 2014
Created October 10, 2012 at 2:45 AM

The doctor told me not to workout for the rest of the week, how do i stay lean for the next 5 days, i still plan on doing 16/8 IF?



on October 10, 2012
at 01:54 PM

You will be fine. You aren't going to gain pounds of fat from not excercising for 5 days, you also will not be likely to lose much muscle at all. Feel better!

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on October 10, 2012
at 04:42 AM

Here is the awesome thing. Your body gets five days to heal and rebuild itself. Take advantage of this! If you feel the compulsion to do something, make it relaxing! Go outside and take a walk with the intent of enjoying the outdoors. Go get a massage, do some yoga, break a mental sweat and read a book or learn a new skill. You will be surprised that you've not only maintained your strength but in some cases gotten stronger!




on October 10, 2012
at 04:13 AM

You're sick! Your body does not need the added stress of purposeful fasting and intense exercise.

Besides some walking, I don't suggest you do much of anything else besides eating clean when you're hungry. A couple of days of clean eating, and little to no exercise will not cause you to completely lose leanness.


on October 10, 2012
at 12:36 PM

It is a truly astonishing question. Do you really beleive that if you don't follow your workout regime for less than a week you will become less lean?

Get some perspective!

Here's some other things you can do with your enforced rest.

Volunteer for a charity Sign up to a meditation class Perform one random act of kindness every day.



on October 10, 2012
at 04:55 PM

So I am just getting back into my workouts after a 12 week layoff due to some serious disc herniation in my neck and upper back. After losing 40+ lbs I was very worried about gaining weight during my time off.

At the end of 12 weeks I didn't gain any weight. My measurements have not changed, and after 2 weeks of restarting my lifting program I am almost back to where I left off. I haven't started running yet, and fully expect that I will be pretty slow, but in general I kept most of my strength, gained very little fat, and no weight.

Focus on eating healthy, and eating according to your hunger. the rest will take care of itself.

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